Amy Gonzalez - Nurse for 26 years, serving LIFE

Noelle Evans and Rudy Davis discuss the case of Amy Gonzalez


Amy Tells Her Story from Prison


Our First Letter from Dr. David Matusiewicz Serving LIFE for INTERSTATE CYBERSTALKING


Introduction to the case of Amy Gonzalez, Interstate Cyberstalker


Amy Gonzalez (Serving LIFE) Recounts the Day of Her Arrest by the FBI


Amy Gonzalez says the FBI AGENT SMILED as she was told David would never see his children again.


Amy Gonzalez Responds to Noelle Evans, Reports Death at Terre Haute, Indiana


Our first phone call with innocent prisoner Amy Gonzalez, serving LIFE for INTERSTATE CYBERSTALKING


Amy Gonzalez, Transcripts, Corroborating evidence of abuse, Thomas LAST DAYS note


Amy Gonzalez, INTERSTATE CYBERSTALKER Serving LIFE, Calls from Texas Prison


Amy Gonzalez calls from prison on 1/31/2020


Stop Loving Your Children


Amy Gonzalez First Convicted of Interstate CYBERSTALKING

Basics of Case

Please educate yourself about Amy Gonzalez (nurse for 26 years sentenced to LIFE in prison) as  this is a vitally important case to all of America and freedom of  speech.  Her webpage is at  We have been receiving and publishing her phone calls from prison.  Amy’s story would be unbelievable if it were not true. This audio over a prison phone of Amy talking to Erin about her case is a MUST LISTEN. National news media needs to be covering the case of Amy Gonzalez and  her brother David Matusiewicz.  Until such time as they get the news  media attention and legal help  they deserve, please write them letters of encouragement and scripture.  Click HERE to listen to “Noelle  Evans and Rudy Davis discuss the case of Amy Gonzalez”. Click HERE for our first letter from Amy’s brother David.  In this phone call from prison, Amy reports that a child of the devil  employed by the FBI smiled as he stated that her brother David would  never see his children again.

Amy Gonzalez is a wife, mother and Texas nurse that worked in ICU &  Hemodialysis for 26 years. She has a 14-year-old daughter, 27-year-old  step-son, and soul mate husband that she desperately loves.   The vast  majority of reporting on the internet is propaganda,  lies and biased against Amy’s family and intended to make her entire  family out to be monsters. In America, we do not imprison the entire  family for the actions of one criminal. Amy has now decided to go public  with her case and tell everyone the truth which  goes against her lawyer’s advice. Amy has now served 6.5 years on a  LIFE sentence because of the crime of her dad, Thomas Matusiewicz. There  is no evidence that Amy, her brother David or her mother Lenore had any  foreknowledge of the crime of Thomas.  Thomas  had a tumor in the left part of his brain that very well could have  contributed to his violent actions. The prosecution painted a narrative  that simply is not true and the satanic DOJ and FBI sellouts held a  celebratory dinner afterwards patting themselves  on the back after Amy, David and Lenore each received LIFE sentences.  A  plea deal was offered but only on condition that David, Amy, and Lenore  sign to a lie that they knew that Thomas was going to murder Christine  and then commit suicide. David, Amy and  Lenore have all emphatically denied foreknowledge of Thomas’ plan. Amy,  David, and Lenore were the first 3 people in America to be convicted of  a crime called INTERSTATE CYBERSTALKING RESULTING IN DEATH and each of  them received LIFE sentences. The only thing  Amy is guilty of is having a concern for the welfare of her nieces. Amy  never wished in a million years for Christine to be murdered and Amy’s  desire was to protect the children. There is zero evidence that Amy,  David or Lenore had foreknowledge of Christine’s  murder by Thomas Matusiewicz. Amy’s mother Lenore died in prison in  2016 and Amy promised her on her prison deathbed that Amy will get  justice. Before Lenore died, Amy & Lenore passed a total of 4 lie  detector polygraph tests and Amy still believes to this  day that her nieces were being abused both physically and sexually by  Christine. Christine even self-reported abuse to a doctor and made  threats to Lenore that she would sell David's three American blond girls  into sex trafficking. Christine was observed on  several occasions being abusive and non-attentive to the children by  others members of the family. Christine was also on anti-depressants  such as Xanax and possibly other SSRI drugs resulting in mental illness  issues. Amy is also very concerned about this  new law, INTERSTATE CYBERSTALKING, being overly broad and that the  government will use it to incarcerate many other innocent Americans. The  government will use this law to suppress our FREEDOM OF SPEECH if that  speech causes anyone else to make a claim (truthful  or not) that they are in fear for their life. Amy and her brother David  need the attention of national news media and legal assistance at this  point. Amy has provided us hundreds of pages of legal and supporting  documentation that has been posted on her website  and she has been incredibly transparent in her phone calls from  prison.  Amy encourages all people to write to her with any questions  that they may have.