updated 10/14/2017

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American Heros The Montana Freemen

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Release Date: 12/02/2040


Listen to the call that banned our communication for life

Russell Landers provides affirmed testimony of abuse in Terre Haute, IN CMU prison

A Clean Version of Hell

USA Montana: Freeman locked in standoff with authorities

Russell responds to WikiPedia LIES

Huffington Post: How The BOP Uses CMUs To Silence Prison Writers

American Heros - The Montana Freemen (Part I)

One Freeman's War trailer v5

American Heros - The Montana Freemen Part II (rev)

Russell Landers from Prison

Russell Dean Lander's voice heard from prison for the first time in 21 years 

  1. Russell Dean Landers DropBox

Patriot Prisoner Business Card

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Sometimes people don't have the time to hear the whole story. Plant a seed by handing them a business card so that they can do their own research when they have time.