updated 10/14/17

Schuyler's near term needs


Write letters to Schuyler's attorney asking for a lenient sentence from the judge. Sentencing is on 9/8/2017.

 Law Offices of Robert Gombiner 

705 2nd Ave Ste 1500 

Seattle, WA, 98104-1796 

Office  (206) 622-1604


(The letter needs to have both Schuyler’s name and case number.  Schuyler’s case # is: CR15-391RAJ)

Click HERE for Sample Letter

Donate to Schuyler's Commissary via Western Union

Donate to Schuyler's Commissary via USPS Money Order

Send paypal donations to mother Stacey Beabeau at eyesonjesus5@gmail.com

Write Schuyler an encouraging letter

If you are a Christian, join us on Saturday's call

Educate Yourself about Schuyler's case and tell others

Pass out American Political Prisoner Business Cards

Visit Schuyler in prison

Release Date: 11/21/17 

Free Schuyler Pyatte Barbeau

Schuyler's Youtube Playlist

Schuyler's Letters from Prison

Gary Hunt coverage of Schuyler

Meet American Patriot Schuyler Pyatte Barbeau

Pete Santilli & Sgt. Moe speak about Schuyler

Patriot Mom Stacy Barbeau reads a POWERFUL letter

Learn about AR Pistols and Short Barrel Rifles

Learn about Binary Trigger, Bump Fire, Slide Fire

Schuyler Jailhouse Interview

Patriot Prisoner Business Card

Call or Email for pricing: ruddavis@yahoo.com 972-839-9848

Sometimes  people don't have the time to hear the whole story.  Plant a seed by handing them a business card so that they can do their own research when they have time.