Scott Faul and Yorie Von Kahl

 Please consider writing a letter to these two American Political  Prisoners.  Their story is vitally important to American history and  that is NOT an exaggeration. 


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Watch the movie "Death and Taxes: The Story of Gordon Kahl"

Take your time on this page. These two men have spent 36 Years and 8 months in prison as INNOCENT AMERICAN POLITICAL prisoners.  Neither of them ever received a fair trial.  I believe Yorie's father Gordon to be an American hero.  Their story is vitally important to understand thoroughly.



There was a man: The saga of Gordon Kahl: A True Story

Babylon 0' Babylon,

You rob the souls of men; 

You force them into poverty, 

And rob them once again.

You've never given anything 

But pain and misery;

Your pleasure is their grievances, 

Your red eyes shine with glee;

You rob the widows' houses, 

The Orphans you destroy;

You are the works of darkness, 

And terror you deploy;

0' how you love your silver, 

Your gold's become your pride;

But when the son of God returns, 

You'll find no place to hide.

His angels will encircle you, 

And stamp you into hell; 

Just as your father, Lucifer, 

From heaven's war he fell;

Your days are surely numbered, 

Your empire shall pass;

Your merchants and your servants 

Will cry, "Alas, Alas;

“That great and mighty city, 

With burning cinders smell; 

She's gone unto her father, 

into the pits of hell."

The days of grace have passed you by, 

The Judgement now is set;

The gnash of teeth and pestilence, 

For reward is what you'll get;

The demons that begat you, 

Will dwell eternally;

With Jezebel and Lucifer, 

In Judgement's fiery sea;

The whoremongers and Antichrist, 

Will share in your reward;

That eternal lake of fire,

Will be your room and board;

You gave up eternal pleasure,

For the artifice of gold;

And when you held it in your hand, 

You were powerful and bold;

But now where is your power, 

Your golden god is dead;

You've lost your silk and glory, 

And the crowns upon your head;

Your rubies now have lost their gleam, 

Your diamonds' sparkle fail;

When your memory returns to these, 

We’ll hear your woeful wail;

Then those of us who gave our lives, 

And betrothed the King of Kings; 

Who sacrificed thru love and pain, 

For splendored eternal things;

We'll gaze upon you briefly, 

As we enter thru the gate; 

We'll be singing songs of Joy, 

But for you it’s now too late;

You said you were of Abraham, 

Of Isaac and Israel;

But Jesus said if you were of us, 

That you'd be with us still;

0' Synagogue of Satan,

With your covert societies;

You've spilled the blood of martyrs. 

With your murder sprees;

You brought abominations, 

And Baalam philosophy: 

With you out from Babylon, 

From your captivity;

You spread it out through all the lands, 

And thought you'd done so Well;

And those who bow the knee to you, 

Are twice the child of hell;

Praise be to our Father,

And His sacrificial lamb;

And those of you who hate Him,
Will be rewarded as the damned:

0' children of the prince of hell, 

Your nature proved your deeds; 

Your fruit is of the thistles,

Your gardens grow the weeds;

Life lasts only moments

As a puff of smoke it's gone; 

We'll all be pleading mercy, 

For all our human wrongs;

But those of us who've cleansed ourselves; 

Through the blood of Christ, Jesus;

We’ll look back upon our lives,

As if sin never was;

And we’ll rejoice exceedingly,

When the scroll of names is read; 

And wonderously marvel,

At "Mystery Babylon" - the living dead!

Yorie Von Kahl

Political Prisoners Scott Faul and Yorie Von Kahl (35 years)

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