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Call  The Governor Mike Parson For Jeff  at  (573) 751-3222

Jeff's Main Website www.FreeJeffNow.com

Donate to Jeff's legal defense fund

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If you are a Christian, join us on Saturday's call

Educate Yourself about Jeffrey's case and tell others

Pass out American Political Prisoner Business Cards

Visit Jeffrey in prison

Release Date: 11/01/2042

Read Warren Markowitz Legal Documents


Send email to Jeff via Jpay.com

Jeffrey Weinhaus Youtube PlayList

Reasons why Jeffrey Weinhaus is Innocent



Political Prisoner Jeff Weinhaus Open Letter to Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley

Jeffrey Weinhaus Destroys the Lies of ATTEMPTED MURDERER Henry Folsom

Jeffrey Weinhaus Destroys the Lies of ATTEMPTED MURDERER Scott E. Mertens

Attempted Murderer Scott Mertens Informed that He Has Been Exposed. 2/19/2018

Sgt. Henry Folsom Testifies in Court How Shooting Jeff Ruined His Life

Henry Folsom Jeffrey Weinhaus



Jeffrey's main website

Watch the videos.  

Ask questions. Educate yourself.

Knowledge is power.

Call Governor Eric Greitens (573) 751-3222

Hold our elected official accountable.  If they remain silent on corruption, then they are just as guilty.  Call Eric and let him know what you think about Jeffrey Weinhaus 30 year prison sentence.  (573) 751-3222 

Jeffrey Weinhaus thanks his supporters

Attorney Warren Markowitz covers the facts in Jeffrey Weinhaus case on The Manning Report

BREAKTHRU Jailhouse Interview of Jeffrey Weinhaus by The Manning Report!!!

Free Political Prisoner Jeffrey Weinhaus Now!!! www.FreeBulletinMan.com

Patriot Prisoner Business Card

Call or Email for pricing: ruddavis@yahoo.com 972-839-9848

Sometimes people don't have the time to hear the whole story.  Plant a seed by handing them a business card so that they can do their own research when they have time.