Prisoner of WAR - GARY Michael Northington

POW Gary Northington (32 Years in Prison) Sings Revelation 19, The Lion of Judah


Gary M. Northington


How to donate to Gary Northington

Method 1) Funds may be sent to Gary Northington by Money Order or EFT. Telephone for instructions to: 

GTL Financial Services

5700 SW 34th Street

Suite 1315

Gainesville, FL 32608

(855) 466-2832

(877) 650-4249

Method 2) Or you can send money to Gary's TRUST FUND which will go to his commissary account.

Step 1) Setup account within

Step 2) Add Facility "Michigan Department of Corrections"

Step 3) Add inmate "Gary Northington" or use "0193035"

Step 4) Follow directions under "TRUST FUND" to supply Gary funds to his commissary.

Method 3) or by cash, check or Money Order to: 

Gary M. Northington

P.O. Box 272

Sylvania, OH 43560, 

which will be forwarded to Gary

Gary Michael Northington

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