Schaeffer Cox Prison Letters

Due to no space on Cox #1, we are now opening a second page for new Schaeffer Cox Prison Letters as they arrive.

Help Schaeffer Write His Book From Prison



  David Triemert is compiling a book made up of some of my best "Letters From Prison." It will be published in just a few months under that title.

  He is asking people who have kept any meaningful letters of mine to send them to him. You can send all or part of a letter. You can ask that it show that the letter was to you, or you can ask that the recipient be left unknown. Either way, if I have ever sent you something that is worth going in such a book, now is the time to make your submissions. 

    And it doesn't have to be a letter. It could be an email, or a comment, or something you heard me say, or whatever. David is just working on this project and I'm very supportive. So I am asking everyone to please send him what they have.

David Triemert

PO Box 195

Afton, MN 55001