Help Schaeffer Write His Book From Prison



  David Triemert is compiling a book made up of some of my best "Letters From Prison." It will be published in just a few months under that title.

  He is asking people who have kept any meaningful letters of mine to send them to him. You can send all or part of a letter. You can ask that it show that the letter was to you, or you can ask that the recipient be left unknown. Either way, if I have ever sent you something that is worth going in such a book, now is the time to make your submissions. 

    And it doesn't have to be a letter. It could be an email, or a comment, or something you heard me say, or whatever. David is just working on this project and I'm very supportive. So I am asking everyone to please send him what they have.

David Triemert

PO Box 195

Afton, MN 55001

Why was Schaeffer Cox Targeted? Ghandi NOT RAMBO

Secret FBI recording proves Schaeffer was targeted for "TALKING SMACK" about government

Schaeffer Cox provides clarity on Ghandi not Rambo

Schaeffer Cox Ghandi not Rambo

Schaeffer Cox "If I get captured, I'm not gonna do a Rambo, I'm gonna do a Ghandi."

Schaeffer Cox Ghandi NOT Rambo

Schaeffer Cox audio proves he rejected JR Olson's provocations to violence! Gandhi, NOT Rambo!

Schaeffer Cox Ghandi NOT Rambo

Schaeffer Cox FAQ

Did Schaeffer Cox Beat His Wife? #1

Schaeffer Cox Wife Beater Domestic Abuse

BLOCKBUSTER: Undeniable PROOF Steven E. Skrocki lied to jury to get false conviction!!!

Steven E. Skrocki


Steven E. Skrocki

JACKPOT! Busted! Absolute proof positive that Steven E. Skrocki lied during Schaeffer's closing args

Steven E. Skrocki

Schaeffer Cox responds to Skrocki lies during oral arguments

Steven E. Skrocki Lies

23 Lies, 22 Misdirections from Steven E. Skrocki during Schaeffer Oral Arguments

Steven E. Skrocki

Devil Skrocki states in open court that Schaeffer Cox is in prison for PRE-CRIME

Steven E. Skrocki

Steve Skrocki comes from Caligua. Request for Help.

Steven E. Skrocki

Did corrupt US Prosecutor Steven E. Skrocki FORGE Schaeffer's Grand Jury Indictment?!?

Steven E. Skrocki

Short Version - 7 month old video proving Skrocki lied to jury to get false conviction

Steven E. Skrocki

Long Version - 7 month old video proving Skrocki lied to jury and withheld exculpatory evidence

Steven E. Skrocki

Steven E Skrocki email to Karen Loeffler proves they knew it was ENTRAPMENT.

Steven E. Skrocki

US Prosecutor Skrocki protects Hell's Angel drug runner from RETRIBUTION while targeting Schaeffer

Steven E. Skrocki

Steven E. Skrocki caught on tape lying again during Schaeffer's sentencing hearing

Steven E. Skrocki

Skrocki persecutes Schaeffer Cox for putting God's Law above man's law.

Steven E. Skrocki

Judge Betty Fletcher says Skrocki and friends fail to fully grasp egregiousness of their misconduct.

Steven E. Skrocki

Steven E. Skrocki and Joseph W. Bottini caught red handed deceiving jury by withholding evidence.

Steven E. Skrocki

How Skrocki destroyed exculpatory tapes but used portions of same tapes to paint a lie

Steven E. Skrocki

Hey Skrocki! Schaeffer said PRAY, not PLAY you Son of Belial!

Steven E. Skrocki

66 Page TimeLine of Schaeffer Cox

timeline schaeffer cox

Skrocki: Send him to prison because Schaeffer believes in God's law

Steven E. Skrocki


Schaeffer Cox Timeline

Skrocki biases jury with legal armaments from militia trailer

Steven E. Skrocki

Corrupt Federal Prosecutor Joseph W. Bottini is a lying evil bastard on a fast train to hell.

Joseph W. Bottini

US DOJ Prosecutor Joseph W. Bottini has the same compulsions as a serial killer.

Joseph W. Bottini

Devil FBI Special Agent WesterHaus Recognized One of His Kind in Bill Fulton

FBI Special Agent Westerhaus

Yvonne Lamoureux caught in desparate LIE to keep Bill Fulton's bafoonish testimony out of courtroom.

Yvonne Lamoureaux

MP Gibson testified the feds said if Cox was killed at custody conflict it would solve the prob

MP Gibson

Holy Government - Is Schaeffer Cox mentally ill?

Schaeffer Cox Insane Mentally Ill

Schaeffer Cox: "Plan 241" Sizzle Reel: "Pursuit of the Truth"

Schaeffer Cox Plan 241 Sizzle Reel

Schaeffer Cox inspiring letter to humanity from prison

Schaeffer Cox inspiring letter to humanity

Schaeffer Cox: A thought provoking letter

Schaeffer Cox Thought Provoking Letter

Schaeffer Cox: I need your help

Schaeffer Cox needs your help

Gov't propaganda on Schaeffer's REPLICA Sten machine gun exposed for all.

Schaeffer Cox Sten Machine Gun

Schaeffer Cox: On the Weapons Charges

Schaeffer Cox On The Weapons Charges

Is Aaron Bennett an FBI Informant?

Schaeffer Cox Aaron Bennett Informant

Next time someone says Schaeffer lied about a 3000 man militia, show them this.

The illegal FBI/DOJ entrapment and takedown of Francis Schaeffer Cox

Schaeffer Cox Entrapment

FBI works with Infiltrator AFTER Schaeffer Imprisoned to Derail Legal Efforts for Appeal

Schaeffer Cox FBI

Schaeffer Cox: FBI Document Reveals "4" Informants not "2"

Schaeffer Cox Four Informants

Plan 241 Was Entrapment Scheme by the FBI

Schaeffer Cox writes about grenade launchers and why Traverso didn't cross examine on 241 plan

Schaeffer Cox Plan 241

300k whore Gerald JR Olson prods Cox again on 241 Plan, Cox says NO FRUIT WOULD COME FROM IT!

Schaeffer Cox Plan 241

When 300k govt whore JR Olson is asked about Plan 241, he responds "I SUPPORT IT!"

Schaeffer Cox Plan 241

300k whore Paid Gov't Snitch Gerald JR Olson lied on the witness stand about Plan 241

Schaeffer Cox Plan 241

Schaeffer Cox, Feb. 19, 2011, p321-340 (241 and more prodding)

** PROOF ** The Corrupt DOJ initiated the 241 Plan to entrap Schaeffer Cox.

Schaeffer Cox Plan 241

Plan 241 Was Entrapment Scheme by the FBI

Schaeffer Cox talks about Plan 241 after Olson prods. Schaeffer is NOT motivated to kill anyone.

Schaeffer Cox Plan 241

Schaeffer Cox answers Amy's questions about the 241 Plan

Schaeffer Cox Plan 241

Help 241: Kill two for every one initiated by CHS not militia

Schaeffer Cox Plan 241 business cards

Call or Email for pricing: 972-839-9848

Sometimes people don't have the time to hear the whole story.  Plant a seed by handing them a business card so that they can do their own research when they have time.