Updated 2/27/18

Bryce's near term needs


Donate to his commissary

Write Bryce an encouraging letter

Send Bryce a Food Package

If you are a Christian, join us on Saturday's call

Educate Yourself about Bryce's case and tell others

Pass out American Political Prisoner Business Cards

Visit Bryce in prison

Release Date:  Jan. 2019 (unconfirmed)

Please send Bryce Paperback books from the publisher (ie Amazon). He can not receive Hardback books.

Write a letter to his Parol Board for March 5, 2018. Click Here for a sample letter.

Free Bryce Matthew Cuellar

Bryce Matthew Cuellar (FisherOfMen) makes a statement from jail.

Nov. 1st, 2016 courtroom video from FisherOfMen sentencing

FisherOfMen Might Be Framed! This Video Is For My Protection

Channel Terminated After "Obama Is Gay, Michelle Is Tranny" Video!! 2017

BREAKING! Gov't threatens more BOGUS charges on Bryce Cuellar (FISHEROFMEN)

Illuminati F.B.I. Targeting FisherOfMen!! [My Full Story]

They're Coming For Us! YouTuber Who Exposes The New World Order Arrested!!

Is this a joke!? Bob Beckel calls for Julian's death and Bryce faces 20 years!

John and Phyllis stand up for FREEDOM OF SPEECH in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Ch. 3 in Las Vegas continues the terrorism narrative on Bryce.

Michael Reagan calls for DEATH of Mark Dice and laughs about it. Bryce goes to prison.

Satan's Illuminati End Time Christian Persecution 2017

FisherOfMen's First Prison Fight!! 2017

Prison Mail Policy for Bryce Matthew Cuellar (aka FisherOfMen)

The most dangerous man in America. Please remember Bryce Cuellar this 4th of July.

Facebook Live Stream - Mike & Pat Parsons & Bryce Cuellar (AKA FisherOfMen)

Spreaker - Mike & Pat Parsons & Bryce Cuellar (aka FisherOfMen)

Patriot Prisoner Business Card

Call or Email for pricing: ruddavis@yahoo.com 972-839-9848

Sometimes people don't have the time to hear the whole story. Plant a seed by handing them a business card so that they can do their own research when  they have time.